Telephone Answering Service

Our telephone secretaries are available to greet your customers with a live voice, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We can provide message taking, after-hour service, order entry, scheduling, customer service and emergency dispatch.

Your messages will be handled according to your specific business needs. Messages can be passed to your staff by page, text, email, call-out, call-in and faxing.

Equipped to take calls with a minimum 3-day backup capability

In order to ensure your business is taken care of even in the event of a city-wide power outage, we are equipped to continue taking calls with a minimum 3-day backup capability.

24/7 Live Voice Customer Service

Messaging for your specific business needs

Pagers & Paging Services

You can choose to have the answering service take messages and transcribe them to your alphanumeric pager or have your customer directly leave a callback number on your numeric pager.

If you do not already own a pager, we have both numeric and alphanumeric pagers available for purchase or on a rental agreement.